Back-to-School Giveaway and Survey

 Hey Teacher!
    Guess what? It's Back-to-School time here in the Chicago area! I'm pumped! I've stocked up on Dollar Spot goodies at Target to spruce up my room a bit!

     I have the cutest Floral Farmhouse Classroom Decor theme for my classroom this year! I can't wait to decorate in a week or so! 

    Seriously, does the Back-to-School season stress you out? (Me, raising hand! Plus, I'm moving schools this year!) I'm interested in learning more about how teachers manage stress! Click the survey below to register to win an AWESOME HANDMADE BEADED LANYARD and help with my research! 3 of these pretty lanyards will be given away on July 29th!

Have an Amazing Year,

Amanda the Undercover Teacher 

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