Dear 1st Year Teacher

    Dear 1st Year Teacher, 

    Are you ready? I know in your head your probably thinking that you're not ready for this, your first year of teaching. But, I promise you are ready for this! After 15 years of teaching and helping many first year teachers, I know you can do this! 

    Here's three reasons why you're going to rock this year!
    1. You graduated, you passed all the tests, and now you're a real teacher! You have the knowledge to build relationships with kids! You have the knowledge to teach kids who need a person just like you! You have the necessary training and skills to rock this teacher thing!
    2. You know that relationships with these kids, which will quickly become "your kids" is the most important thing. Think back to 3rd or 4th grade. Do you remember much about the day to day lessons back then? I don't, well I do remember long division, but that's another story. I do remember the relationships I had with my teachers. I remember high-fives with Mr. Kesling (My 5th grade teacher) and hugs from Ms. Hursoky (My 3rd grade teacher). Years later the the test scores, classroom themes, and silly fights between friends will not matter! Kids will remember the relationship they had with you forever! So, make it a good one!
    3. You know that you are a human being and so are those kids in your class! Guess what? We humans make mistakes! It's okay to make mistakes. Please, don't pretend to be perfect in front of your students. It's important to model making mistakes, realizing you made one, and working to fix your mistakes! If we want kids to think "growth mindset" we have to model it! So, forgive yourself and your kids! After all, you're all only human! 

   I hope you have an amazing year and a long career in education! Don't forget to subscribe for freebies, more blog posts, and fun stuff!

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                               Much love,
                               (Undercover Teacher)

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